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This topic addresses the pre-login and post-login features. It includes commonly asked questions on navigating the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the features I can access without logging in? What are the benefits of logging in?

    You can only browse and search for information if you are not logged in to your MySkillsFuture account.

    Logging in lets you perform transactional services such as submitting claims for your SkillsFuture Credit or applying for jobs on Jobs Bank. It also lets you access the Self-Assessment Tool and your personal dashboard.

    Your dashboard displays personalised information under the following features: Overview, Profile, My Jobs, Documents, My Courses, SkillsFuture Credit, Assessments and Alert Settings.

  2. Who can use MySkillsFuture?

    MySkillsFuture Portal is a public website that can be viewed by everyone. However, only Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PR) can log in to access its personalised services and features.

    MySkillsFuture lets users take charge of their career and lifelong learning journey by making informed decisions. The Portal caters to people from diverse age groups and different stages of life - from primary school students to working adults.

    Working adults and tertiary students can visit MySkillsFuture and log in with their SingPass. Once logged in, they can access the full features of the Portal, including Jobs Bank, Training Exchange, Self-Assessment Tool, Industry Insights and Career Resources.

    Secondary to Pre-University students can use the Student Portal as an educational guide to build their path towards a career. It provides them with insights on various industries and occupations. There are also tools to help them record their experiences and achievements, so that they can plan their next step forward.

    Primary 5 and 6 school students can play interactive games in the Student Portal that will allow them to explore their strengths and interests. They can also learn more about the secondary school landscape and find out more about the fascinating world of work.

    For MySkillsFuture Student Portal, a student account will be issued to each student by the school. Each of them will be provided with a User ID and temporary password to log in.

    On the login page, after entering the User ID and temporary password, they will receive a prompt to create a permanent password. They will then be directed to a page to complete the "Settings" by entering their email address and answer a series of security questions.

    They can now use their User ID and personal password to access the Portal.

  3. I am a Secondary or Pre-University student. Which part of the Portal should I explore first?

    You may want to access the Student Portal, where you get to discover more about occupations that interest you and have an overview of the industry landscape, as well as information on the relevant courses and educational path.

  4. I am entering the workforce for the first time. Which part of the Portal should I explore first?

    You may want to explore the Self-Assessment Tool to better understand your skills and career interests. This section lets you take assessments on your Career Interests, Skills Confidence and Work Values.

    Subsequently, you can explore MySkillsFuture’s other features, such as Jobs Bank, Industry Insights and Career Resources to explore your career options. 

  5. I am a mid- or late-career individual. What are the features that can help me with my employment, career and training needs?

    The Training Exchange, Industry Insights and Jobs Bank are features integrated within the MySkillsFuture Portal. Industry Insights provides an understanding of a job’s characteristics and its market outlook. You can register for courses listed on Training Exchange to develop your skills or search for job opportunities on Jobs Bank.

  6. I am a parent. Will I be able to access my children’s accounts in MySkillsFuture?

    No, you will not be able to access your children’s accounts using your SingPass or through your MySkillsFuture account.

    This is because student accounts are not tagged to their parents’ accounts. Student accounts can only be accessed through the student’s User ID and password.

    Note that for MySkillsFuture Student Portal, your children’s accounts will be issued by their school. 

    You can only access the pre-login features of the Student Portal. However, you can access the post-login features of the Student Portal via your children’s account. Take this opportunity to explore the Portal together and speak to your children about their future plans.

  7. Do I need to pay to use any of MySkillsFuture Portal’s services?

    No payment is required to access MySkillsFuture Portal’s content and services. MySkillsFuture is a Government initiative to encourage Singaporeans and PRs to take charge of their career and lifelong learning journey by making informed decisions.  

    If you are interested in a course posted on the Training Exchange page, please register directly with the Training Provider. You can use your SkillsFuture Credit to pay for or offset the course fees of approved courses by applying through MySkillsFuture.

    With effect from 19 May 2017, the default payment mode for all courses, except for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), is to pay the SkillsFuture Credit directly to Training Providers.

  8. How do I search for training courses?

    On the MySkillsFuture homepage, click on the “Training Exchange” tab in the navigation bar. For more information on Training Exchange, visit the Training Exchange FAQ page. 

    You can also read the Training Exchange user guide, which includes step-by-step instructions on how to navigate Training Exchange.

  9. Where can I find job postings? How do I apply for jobs?

    On the MySkillsFuture homepage, click on the “Jobs Bank” tab in the navigation bar. For more information on how to use Jobs Bank, visit the Jobs Bank FAQ page. You can also read the Jobs Bank user guide, which includes step-by-step instructions on how to navigate Jobs Bank.

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