Learn on the go through our Virtual Festival which is also known as SkillsFuture Festival Online! Develop new skills or deepen them with our specially curated online activities that include learning content, discounted online courses and books, or join a learning circle. Our offerings will start from 30 June till 4 August 2018!



Personal Development Made Easy with BookBoon

Bookboon is the largest publisher of applied Personal and Professional Development ebooks with an impeccable record of delivering high usage level and maximum benefits for clients such as SAP, Deloitte, KPMG, Bayer, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa Airlines, etc. Bookboon's easy-to-use and concise approach minimizes the barriers to learning and performance support.

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Upskill with McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education is a learning science company that delivers personalized learning experiences that help students, parents, educators and professionals drive results. McGraw-Hill Professional helps individuals develop in their learning and occupations by providing timely and authoritative knowledge to professionals around the world.

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Online Courses

Online Learning by Udemy

Udemy is a global marketplace for online education where more than 20 million students learn from an extensive library of 65,000 courses taught by expert instructors in over 50 different languages. Whether learning for professional development or personal enrichment, you can master new skills through self-paced, on-demand courses.

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Learning Circles

Learning Circles (LCs) are learning communities that take advantage of online learning platforms and applications (apps) to facilitate group learning, peer sharing and building communities of practice.

LCs can be initiated by individuals who are passionate about any topic (work-skills or life-skills). Such facilitators gather like-minded people into an LC in order to share and deepen their learning. Organisations, too, have chosen to leverage on this framework in order to support workplace learning. The LC community can leverage on the LearnSG Seed Fund for funding support.

There are many of such platforms available and if you are keen to find out more, click on the links below and embark on your learning journey!


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Learning Content

Video - Crafting with a 3D Printing Pen

Nobody will be drawing or doodling on paper in the futureā€¦ Who else wants a 3D Printing pen?

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Video - Floraclaying

Pottery is cool, try claying too. With some practice, you can shape anything you google.

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Video - Tips on Making Good Pastry

5 essential pastry tips that beginners and professionals should know and continue practising.

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Video - Tips on Preparing Scrambled Eggs

Now anyone can serve fluffy scrambled eggs shared by Chef Eric Teo.

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